Views from a Varied Week at Natural Talent

Views from another Varied Week at Natural Talent

Tree Surgeon Jan 2018b

I am a big advocate of variety being the spice of life and when someone is struggling with a lack of creativity I often suggest changing their environment to increase motivational levels.  Taking time out to leave the office for even just an hour can be really stimulating.

The views I’ve seen this week have certainly been very different and it’s been another interesting and varied week at Natural Talent, which is one of the reasons why I love my job.  The views from the Natural Talent office in Wales never cease to amaze me as they tend to change every day, with differing skies according to the very Welsh weather!  However, this week we’ve had a few of the silver birches trimmed, as well as some of the more exotic trees, including the weirdly named ‘nothofagus dombeyi’ and eucalyptus.  I remain in complete awe of how tree surgeons do their work so many thanks to Simon from SP Tree and Garden.

Tree Surgeon Jan 2018a (2)

Even after a year here, we are still learning a lot every day about the gardens and still rushing to the windows to watch the red kites, pheasants and even an owl swooping past.  All this diverse activity provides a fascinating and stimulating backdrop to the conference calls with global clients, or whilst writing a few proposals and meeting with associates.

And, in total contrast, it was great to get my own birds’ eye view of one of the many exciting new developments in Bristol at Redcliff Quarter during a meeting.

 View of Redcliff Quarter 3



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