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Natural Talent’s Approach to Talent Management and Succession Planning

All recent international research highlights the importance successful organizations place on Talent Management and Succession Planning. At Natural Talent Bristol and South Wales we can assist your organization in attracting, developing and retaining top talent in order to stay ahead of the competition, improve your organization’s employer brand, and enhance employee engagement and morale to further aid retention.

Natural Talent’s approach to Talent Management ensures that the process is structured, professional and objective, using the same Management or Leadership Competency Model as all other Assessment and Development work in your organization.

Talent Assessment may be based on business results, projects, 360 FeedbackCompetency and Situational Based Questioning and Leadership and Management Competencies, to identify key strengths, weaknesses and development areas. It provides an objective process for evaluating an individual’s performance in their current role and their potential to grow into more senior management or leadership roles.

The outcomes of the Talent Management Process are strong Coaching Action Plans tailored for every individual, in order that they perform better, are developed more effectively, and leaders are assisted in building their own Talent Management skills. The process and feedback outcomes should reduce any silos, promote a common approach to Assessment and Development, and more cross-divisional movement.

At the end of the process Talent Charts are produced that show the Leadership and Management talent pool and succession bench strength at a glance to ensure that our clients have the management and leadership talent to build future generations of leaders to achieve strategic objectives for the organization.

Natural Talent’s bespoke Talent Management will enable your organization to develop the leadership capabilities of your people, by giving them challenging job experiences, insightful Executive Coaching and MentoringFeedback and Leadership Development or Management Development Programs, enabling your organization to identify overall strengths and gaps, and to plan future succession.

‘Your handling of our succession planning challenges was highly professional and completely objective. Your guidance, understanding and opinions have proved invaluable in a very difficult environment.’  CEO, global engineering, Europe

Jill Maidment of Natural Talent is very experienced, creative and aware of the ‘Talent’ space and was a great support in managing Talent development and succession. Jill is collaborative and can operate at different levels.’ VP Sales, IT

Please email us or call us on +44 (0) 844 496 8196 for an initial discussion, or to book a 360 Feedback Review or Assessment/Development Centre Design and Delivery, Leadership Development, Management Training Program, or an Executive Coaching or Mentoring  Session

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