‘Megatrends’ and their Impact on Leadership

‘Megatrends’ and their Impact on Leadership

Getting the right people in to the right jobs and developing their soft skills is becoming more important in a changing work environment, according to a study by the Horst Futurist Institute in Germany.  It identified 6 ‘Megatrends’ which are shaping the way we work and which look set to continue to do so for at least a decade:

1. Individualisation – employees want work that has a purpose, meaning and responsibility, with money often no longer the key motivating factor.  Therefore the study recommends that companies need to provide more value to customers, stakeholders and employees.

2.   The Silver Society – people will be working long past their traditional retirement age and Leaders will need to manage a diverse workforce.  Recruitment Strategies, Appraisals and Training will all be impacted, according to the study.

3.   Women in the Workplace – a book published in the US called ‘The Death of Men’ sees women not just as being equal but as the likely dominant force in organisations within the next few decades.

4.   The Importance of ongoing Learning and Development as work becomes ever more knowledge and skilled based Leaders must now be more than just technical specialists, reiterates the study.

5.   Connectivity – the impact of the 24/7 world of social and work interaction means business processes and structure will need to change with managers and employees having to adapt and learn very swiftly.

6. Globalisation – we are global citizens and the barriers to truly global business operations are coming down, though businesses must still ‘think local’.

The report says ’Senior managers will need to change from being leaders, vision developers, good delegators and power holders to an environment where they are there to promote, inspire, connect and individualise, leading by example, not by the rule book.’

At Natural Talent we have noticed a shift in our most popular Management Development Programmes with our clients requiring Training to adapt to these key trends such as Coaching Skills, Change Management, Equality and Diversity, Negotiating and Influencing, Strategic Planning and Organising and Strategic Awareness.  Our Coaching Programmes increasingly involve more soft skills development such as improving assertiveness and general interpersonal skills.




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