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Natural Talent’s Approach to Leadership and Management Training and Development

At Natural Talent Bristol and South Wales we provide our global corporate clients with a holistic, consultative approach, which ensures that all business, team, and individual objectives are met during every tailor-made Leadership, Management and Executive Coaching or Mentoring Program.  Key development areas may be assessed in advance utilizing a highly effective online or face to face 360 Feedback Review or Personality Profile.  Our SMART Action Planning leads to overachieving objectives, reviewing positive indicators of key talents, identification of further key development areas for continual progress, and planning new behaviors to improve performance.  

Our experienced Leadership and Management Development Consultants always design and deliver highly dynamic interactive Leadership and Management Training Programs to ensure that all executives and managers are engaged and enjoy the learning process. There are no gimmicks, simply hard work for the managers to learn and practise effective tools and techniques to make them more efficient. This proven ‘no-nonsense’ approach has been commended by many corporate organizations.

The success and reputation of Natural Talent is based on research that traditional ‘chalk and talk’ Training Programs are not as effective as more interactive sessions. The average attention span is only 6 – 8 minutes but subject retention is 90% when ‘Said and Done’ (Tony Buzan). The Natural Talent approach does not utilize traditional classroom techniques. We concentrate on involving and challenging all managers, gaining their commitment, and developing their skills and proven Leadership and Management Competencies whilst working on real life business issues, and projects, thus saving time and money, whilst they are away from their offices.

Use of our effective Accelerated Learning Methodologies means that managers build on their inherent capabilities, practise new effective techniques, banish negative ‘head chatter’, and develop positive mindsets to become more efficient.

To ensure that participants fully absorb the Program material, a variety of Training and Development methods are incorporated, including group brainstorming sessions, individual Assessments and work in pairs. The Leadership and Management Consultant encourages Q and A sessions and challenges participants in order to significantly change their behavior to become more effective. Use of role plays also enables participants to learn and develop whilst resolving real business issues in an interactive environment.

The feedback from the Management Development has been excellent. It is something else indeed to be able to facilitate real behavioral change back in the workplace; this has been achieved. Some of the people that have attended the Training feel that they have had life changing experiences.’
HR Manager, AXA Technology Ltd

‘The Project Management and Planning and Organizing Programmes have made a real difference to how effective and efficient the team is.  As a result, all our recent campaigns have run much more smoothly than they normally would have done and we’ve saved a lot of time and money.  So the investment in the training days has paid off many times over.’  HR Director, Engineering

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