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Natural Talent Bristol and South Wales works in partnership with our clients HR teams to support individuals, who may be affected by organizational restructures and could be facing redeployment or redundancy, or who require Career Coaching to develop in their current role.  Jill Maidment and Natural Talent’s Executive Career Coaches have supported many individual clients in a positive way as they have made the transition from their current role in to a new position, self-employment or retirement.  97% of individual clients have found a new role within 2 months.

Our 1:1 Career Coaching takes place in a confidential, safe environment and involves robust talent assessments with challenging questions to identify key motivators, what would constitute an ideal job and what’s missing now.  Leadership and Management Skills and Competencies are assessed and Personality Questionnaires utilized to identify and develop key strengths and any areas for improvement.

Natural Talent’s Career Coaching support includes techniques to:

  • adopt a positive mindset
  • identify key achievements
  • boost confidence
  • cope with uncertainty, pressure and change
  • clarify options
  • improve decision making
  • set short and long term goals
  • plan for the future
  • create a work/life balance

We also assist with professional CV writing, researching Executive Search Firms, Recruitment Agencies, and Job Boards, as well as offering advice on networking and targeting of relevant roles.  Clients are able to practice interview techniques and psychometric tests and receive constructive and motivational feedback.

Coaching sessions tend to take place at off-site venues, which are convenient for the individual client.  Best practice recommendations are for up to 4 sessions spaced two or three weeks apart.  This allows the individual time to complete practical interim assignments in-between sessions.

Each Coaching session is conducted in a relaxed and informal way, however there is an emphasis on professionalism and developing a SMART Personal Action Plan, which may include potential further development opportunities such as relevant courses, online learning or working with a Mentor.

‘You are an excellent Career Coach and have provided me with several new ways of dealing with challenges at work as well as the tools needed to put these in to practice.  I gained more confidence in my ability to resolve conflicts, improve my time management skills and balance my work and home life.’    Risk Manager, IT

‘Thank you so much for all your help.  You enabled me to face up to the challenges ahead in a positive way and to refocus on my priorities.  I am happy to say I start my new job next week!’   Head of Finance

Please email us or call us on +44 (0) 844 496 8196 for an initial discussion, or to book an Executive Coaching or Mentoring SessionLeadership Development or Management Training Program, a 360 Feedback Review or Assessment/Development Centre Design and Delivery

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