Leading as opposed to Managing Change

Leading as opposed to Managing Change

As the global economy continues to evolve and Leaders are forced to adapt swiftly and introduce major change initiatives on an almost continuing basis, many managers and employees are getting left behind.  Whether we like it or not, change is constant.  One of our American CEO friends provides the following 10 advice points to Leaders, Managers and staff alike in order to better lead, manage and implement change:

1. Align your individual priorities with the company strategy and key organizational goals; be proactive in linking your daily activities with the overall change initiative in order to stay ahead

2. Learn to live with ambiguity; those who approach change with a positive mental attitude tend to benefit more from it

3. Understand your Leadership Style first in order to maximise your strengths and improve your communication style

4. Change what you can first – yourself; change your attitude and behaviours to cope better with the new organizational structure and objectives

5. Influence what you can’t change – others; give timely feedback and model the behaviors you want to see in others

6.  Become an early adopter and ally for change; being enthusiastic about change creates a more positive working environment

7. Demonstrate that you are a champion of change; lead the communication and the change projects

8. Help others to cope with change; identify who is struggling with the uncertainty and change, practise active listening and help people deal with their emotions by providing rational discussion

9. Encourage communication; to avoid the rumour mill communicate much more often and clearly than normal

10. Believe in the change and speak up; show your enthusiasm and be creative about the new opportunities that change always brings

At Natural Talent our Change Management Programmes are highly practical and involve assessing and developing key Leadership and Management Competencies and Behaviours.  In addition to the training on Strategy and Vision, we emphasise the importance of leaders and managers ‘walking the talk’ and increasing their general activities during times of high growth, uncertainty and change.   Equally important is the need to improve skills in Communication, including Active Listening, Open Questioning and giving Feedback, as well as creating a Positive Mental Attitude by working on individual exercises, identifying Leadership Styles and levels of Emotional Intelligence.  Managers and teams work on real life business scenarios to build their Resilience levels and cope better with uncertainty and pressure.

Clients who have experienced our Change Management Programmes have experienced excellent ROI with many tangible results including individual team members being promoted, a significant reduction in employee absence, an increase in employee engagement, as well as greater productivity and an overall improvement in morale.

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