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At Natural Talent Bristol and South Wales we have specialist expertise in designing and delivering very successful and cost effective competency based, High Performance Leadership DevelopmentManagement Training and Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programs to our global clients across most industry sectors.  All our Leadership and Management Development and Coaching Training Programs have resulted in increased productivity, improved performance, profit, and morale. Feedback and ROI have been excellent over the past 12 years with most Natural Talent Programs scoring an average of 9.25/10.

The Director of Natural Talent, Jill Maidment, and all our qualified Executive Coaches and Leadership and Management Development Consultants have worked as senior Managers in large organizations, therefore have extensive commercial expertise and knowledge to impart to executives. Our style is professional, yet informal, and allows managers to practice techniques, give and receive feedback, and be coached and trained in an interactive safe environment. Natural Talent ensures ongoing evaluation and measurement of success by organizing a review and follow up to every Development Program.

Natural Talent’s Leadership and Management Training and Development Programs achieve evidence of real behavioral change and will often lead to a minimum 25 – 35% shift in competence; when combined with Executive Coaching or Mentoring Programs, productivity may increase by 80%.

Thank you very, very much for the wonderful work on our Leadership Development – for your patience, availability, professionalism, willingness to share your experience with us, for your kindness to help us further if needed.  It was a real pleasure to work together.Six Sigma Black Belt, AXA Technology Ltd, Brussels

‘I thoroughly enjoyed the management training delivered by Jill Maidment of Natural Talent, covering subjects such as Strategy, Leadership and Communication. Jill’s style is direct and to the point, giving you what you need to know as concisely as possible. I also found Jill to be helpful with real work based problems and was kind enough to give advice outside of the classroom if requested.  I would certainly recommend Jill if you require business or personal development training.’  Technology Programme Manager, National Composites Centre

Please email us or call us on +44 (0) 844 496 8196 for an initial discussion, or to book a Leadership Development or Management Training Program, an Executive Coaching or Mentoring Session, a 360 Feedback Review or Assessment/Development Centre Design and Delivery

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