Jill Maidment of Natural Talent discusses her take on Coaching in an Interview for Instant Customer TV

Jill Maidment of Natural Talent discusses her take on Coaching in an Interview for Instant Customer TV

What is your description of Coaching?

Coaching is a 1:1 intervention whereby a qualified Coach asks questions to an individual Coaching client to assist them in identifying any key issues they wish to address and any stumbling blocks or limiting beliefs which may prevent them from achieving their goals.  The Coach helps the client to formulate a plan to get from where they are to where they want to be with specific actions to take in-between Coaching sessions.  Ultimately Coaching should involve significant and sustainable behaviour change.

Why do people come to a Coach?

Sometimes people find it difficult to ‘see the wood for the trees’ and gain perspective in what they are looking for and trying to achieve.  By discussing any key questions or concerns with their Coach they can reach clarity. Coaching can help with many areas of work and life; individuals may be looking for assistance with their career direction or business plans, health and fitness goals, relationships, family, confidence levels.

What can people expect from having a Coaching Programme?

A Coaching Programme can literally transform lives and individuals.  Working with the Coach the individual client identifies their key strengths and development areas, what they would like to achieve, for example, more effective use of their time at work or to pursue a particular hobby, and together they draw up goals and a SMART Coaching Action Plan to attain their objectives.  Often the Coaching client will identify their key priorities and score their satisfaction levels out of 10 with those priorities in order to see what balance exists at work and in their life, what needs improving, and what actions they can take to positively impact the scores.

What 3-4 things do you think can help our audience to choose the best Coach for them?

In order to identify if a Coach is likely to be effective in a specific area of expertise it is worth checking:

i)            Are they qualified with at least 500 hours of relevant Coaching experience? 

ii)           Do they have qualifications and experience in administering and providing feedback from Psychometric tests, Personality Profiles and/or 360 Feedback?  A Coach who is qualified to provide Talent Assessments such as Personality Profiles can deliver feedback and effectively develop a client’s key strengths and development areas; in addition they can help the client to identify key motivators and values in order to assist them in overcoming any limiting beliefs and barriers to success to achieve their goals more swiftly and efficiently

 iii)         It is also worth checking out the Coach’s website, Blog and LinkedIn Profile to verify qualifications and experience and to read any client testimonials

Your approach to Coaching has been very successful. What is your approach?

The majority of my Coaching clients are working in management in large corporate or public sector organisations, as well as in SMEs; my corporate, commercial and managerial background mean that I have experience and understanding of many key issues.  I use a consultative approach to Coaching, asking my clients many questions in advance and throughout the Coaching Programme.  I also give them a detailed Coaching Questionnaire in order to get them to start thinking about what they would like to focus on, what motivates them, any limiting beliefs or barriers to success.  In addition I normally ask clients to complete a simple Personality Questionnaire which assists in identifying their key development areas, motivators and values.  Every goal they work on is SMART so they can finish working on one area and move on; every model, tool and technique is proven to work.  My Coaching style is professional yet informal, challenging and motivational, non-judgemental and very effective.

What is something special you can do for someone who wants to contact you and take action today?

Ask themselves the following questions:  How effective and fulfilled are you? If you are working towards a particular goal but not succeeding, what would you like to improve?  What else would you like to achieve?  If you need assistance in becoming more effective at work, getting that promotion, identifying your ideal career, building more effective relationships, planning and organising better, being more confident and assertive,  then email me and we can work through a complimentary  Personality Profile together and then identify a SMART Coaching Action Plan to reach your key objectives.



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