How Healthy is Your Organisation?

How Healthy is Your Organisation?

Five Tough Questions that are addressed in Executive Coaching

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If you need a quick health check to review your company strategy and results at year end, and to identify training and development needs for 2018, ask yourself the following 5 questions:

  1. Do all your Managers fully understand the vision and strategy of the organisation in order to identify key priorities and deliver the strategic objectives?

Or are they bogged down in day to day fire-fighting, being too operational, working in silos and missing key targets?

  1. Do your managers understand what motivates their key stakeholders and team members in order to flex their style accordingly to build better working relationships, and increase engagement?

Or do they lack emotional intelligence, avoid the difficult conversations and create conflict?

  1. Are your managers and leaders able to bounce back from set-backs, cope with uncertainty, pressure and change, demonstrating resilience?

Or are they suffering from stress with little work-life balance and not leading by example?

  1. Are your teams motivated, empowered and engaged, taking ownership and responsibility for their output?

Or, like 33% of the UK workforce, are your team members actively disengaged?

  1. Can your leaders and managers make the tough decisions aligned with customer demands?

Or do they need to step up, do they stifle innovation and concentrate on the status quo?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the first part of all the questions, then your organisation should be successful with strong, consistent leaders scoring high according to the leadership competencies, working collaboratively to deliver on customer demands.

If you answered ‘Yes’ to the second part of any of the questions, you could benefit from an Executive Business Coaching Programme.


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