High Performance Leadership Development Program

In order for Natural Talent’s High Performance Leadership Program to have maximum benefit all modules are delivered in a highly interactive Coaching Training style with layered experiential learning whilst leaders work on real-life business issues and scenarios.  An online or Face to Face 360 Feedback Review and Personality Assessment may take place ahead of the Program in order to identify key development areas and performance gaps.

Module One: Managing Yourself in order to better Lead and Manage your Teams

Most Leaders have adapted their leadership style during their career; many are former experts in their chosen field and often they have progressed without much formal Leadership Training.   Frequently if the Board and shareholders see the business results are good, then leaders believe that their style must be working.  However, often leaders are unaware of the effect they have on their teams; many rarely receive any constructive feedback and are then surprised when they are unable to retain top talent.  This module ensures that the leader understands his/her key strengths and development areas in order to better motivate, inspire and develop their teams and team members.

Module Two: Strategic Leadership: Strategy Implementation and Alignment, Driving Growth and Innovation

This module provides senior managers with key skills to implement, execute and align strategy successfully.  Sessions include assessing key accelerators and inhibitors to growth and change, strategic planning, communicating the vision, analyzing the effects of globalization, the importance of value capture and competitive and positional advantage in order to achieve significant growth.  Leaders identify key strategic challenges facing global organizations and learn how to create a culture of growth and innovation, top tips and case studies from relevant Fortune 500 CEOs, and how to avoid your ‘Culture eating strategy for breakfast!

Module Three: Collaborative Leadership: Creating a High Performing Team  

Nowadays managing and leading senior teams has become more complex as senior managers often have varying needs and motivators, team goals and results need to be aligned with the overall business strategy, and many leaders are managing diverse virtual global teams.  In this module leaders assess their senior teams and develop a team contract in order to embed the key elements for outstanding teamwork, including sharing the vision, building trust, addressing interpersonal conflict and increasing levels of commitment and accountability.

Module Four: Authentic Leadership: A Leaders Guide to Negotiating and Influencing and a Coaching Approach to Leadership

Creating effective working relationships is one of the most powerful ways to achieve business success.  As a manager and leader using your influence positively, working with others and empowering your people is critical to delivering your business objectives.   You will have the opportunity to practice highly effective models on real life scenarios.

Module Five: Leading Change and Building Resilience 

Developing practical tools and techniques in order to best communicate, lead and manage change, identifying and developing individual levels of resilience and making the personal changes you need to be a more effective change leader.

Module Six: Practical Senior Team Exercise, Evaluation and Feedback

The senior team will receive Coaching from a professional International Rugby Player who will link the necessary skills, attitudes, competencies and behaviors required to be an elite Rugby star, including leadership, respect, teamwork, controlled aggression, focus, targets, drive, ambition to the learning from all previous modules.  During active sessions leaders often ‘revert to type’ under pressure; this highly practical session will ensure that behavior change is sustained, identify progress made, and recommend any further key development areas.

At Natural Talent we are committed to ongoing development and may recommend Executive Coaching or Mentoring  for all participants to further embed the High Performance Leadership Development.

‘The feedback from the Leadership Development has been extremely positive, in fact refreshing was the word most commonly used as the SMT welcomed your pragmatic and practical guidance and toolkit to assist them in delivering against the ambitious business plan.’   CEO, Life Sciences, Europe

Jill Maidment of Natural Talent provides excellent tools and training to deal with the business issue of the day.  She combines her obvious expertise with personable skills to deliver a polished training set customized to specific needs.’   VP Sales, Engineering, USA

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