High Performance Leadership Development Program

Natural Talent’s New High Performance Leadership Development Programme

In the current precarious VUCA business climate do your leaders need to step up?  Are they struggling to manage high workloads and to lead change?    Are your leaders working in silos?  Are they constantly fire-fighting instead of delivering the strategic objectives?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions then you will be interested in Natural Talent’s new High Performance Leadership Development Programme which is based on recent research regarding the key challenges facing business leaders and Jill Maidment’s 16 years of international Learning and Development experience at executive level across most industry sectors.

This is a very challenging, hard-hitting series of highly interactive workshops, confronting real life individual, team and business issues in order to create inspirational leaders and resulting in a more open, trusting, results-driven culture to achieve significant behavioural change and business success.

1:1 Face to Face Executive Coaching and Mentoring will be available following the Programme to ensure ongoing development and success.

The High Performance Leadership Development Programme is offered in several modules:

Module One:  Agile Leadership

How to Understand and Adapt Your Leadership Style to create Results

Do all team members understand the direction and strategy of your organisation?  Do you understand what motivates your peers and team members?  Do your leaders engender respect?

You will identify your personality type and ways to adapt approaches to team members and different audiences in order to improve executive presence, engagement and business success.  You will be guided through real life examples of effective communication, the art of reading people, how to actively listen and use questioning and Coaching methods to get the best results from your teams by giving clear direction to better motivate, inspire and develop them.  You will develop your Emotional Intelligence to identify and manage emotions, retrain thoughts in a more productive direction, boost confidence, build effective relationships, and be able to negotiate and influence very effectively.

Module 2: Resilient Leadership:

How to Lead as opposed to Manage Change, Cope with Uncertainty and Pressure and Develop Resilience

Do your leaders ‘walk the talk’?  Can they bounce back from adversity?  Do they have a deeply ingrained strong leadership mindset?

You will learn how to develop and maintain teamship and mental toughness.  As the working environment becomes ever more challenging the ability to cope with Stress, pressure and change is key to a leader’s health and well-being.

You will practice tools and techniques to remain calm, stable and in control of emotions and behaviour under pressure and find out how to recover from these stages more quickly and cope better with key life events and change.  You will practice sessions to cultivate a Positive Mental Attitude and challenge negative beliefs in order to further develop your Emotional Intelligence in order to better manage Stress, make healthy lifestyle choices, problem solve, avoid procrastination by making decisions, and manage conflict.

Module Three: How to Create Teamship and High Performing, Winning Teams: Leading and Developing Diverse Teams

Do your team members challenge each other constructively?  Do your leaders address controversial issues or avoid them?  Does the leadership team gel? 

In this module leaders assess their senior teams and develop a team contract in order to embed the key elements for outstanding teamwork, including sharing the vision, building trust, addressing interpersonal conflict and increasing levels of commitment and accountability.  You will be coached through uniting a diverse team and creating a true team spirit with real collaboration, cooperation, ownership and accountability: putting the team, not the individuals, first but still being the best you can be as an individual to develop a feeling and culture that ‘we’re all in this together’ with no place for dissent, nepotism, egos or prima donnas.

Module 4:  Leaders as Coaches for Success

Do all your team members take ownership and responsibility for their work?  Do they feel motivated and inspired? Do you have high levels of morale and engagement?

You will learn highly effective methods of increasing levels of delegation and be guided through the most effective techniques to empower your team members to improve employee engagement and retention, freeing up time from being ‘task focused’ to create space to think and act more strategically.  You will practice techniques on how to motivate and inspire teams and deliver constructive feedback and give more positive reinforcement to manage performance.  You will walk work through processes for Talent Management and Success Planning to identify and develop top talent to improve bench strength and develop strong Succession Plans.  

Module 5:  Analytical Leadership

Does your leadership team demonstrate courage when making the tough calls? Do they prioritise customer demands over departmental issues?  Do they project executive presence and gravitas with a sense of control or chaos?

You will learn the latest tools and techniques to prioritise and manage your limited time and workload more effectively in order to free up time to plan and operate more strategically to align the workforce with the strategy and key objectives, analyse facts and situations, to take decisions, and make the tough calls.

Module Six: Strategic and Tactical Leadership:  Creating a Winning Culture 

Does your company culture encourage learning from mistakes?  Are the ‘water cooler’ conversations negative and damning of senior management?  Do you align your business strategy with your customer requirements?

To be an effective leader you require a strategic awareness of how different factors in the wider environment and in your organisation fit together and the ability to use this insight to make and communicate decisions about the strategic direction of your organisation and the resources required.

You will examine the key areas to ensure business success, how you can maintain up-to-date information on the PESTLE factors that impact work and reinforce the links between specific objectives, areas of work and strategic goals.  You will work through individual, team and business SWOT Analyses in order to hone key skills to implement, execute and align the company strategy successfully by managing stakeholders’ needs effectively and identifying and anticipating likely future trends and scenarios.

If you are interested in Natural Talent’s new High Performance Leadership Development Programme please email jill@natural-talent.com or call 0844 496 8196 to book.

‘The feedback from the Leadership Development has been extremely positive, in fact refreshing was the word most commonly used as the SMT welcomed your pragmatic and practical guidance and toolkit to assist them in delivering against the ambitious business plan.’   CEO, Life Sciences, Europe

Jill Maidment of Natural Talent provides excellent tools and training to deal with the business issue of the day.  She combines her obvious expertise with personable skills to deliver a polished training set customized to specific needs.’   VP Sales, Engineering, USA

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