Feeling Motivated?

Feeling Motivated?

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Are you back at work today?  Are you lacking motivation?

The so-called ‘January Blues’ tend to start on 2nd January and last until the beginning of February.  January can seem like a long month with people feeling low and sluggish after all the Christmas festivities, having over-indulged and over-spent; the days are short and cold; Summer holidays seem a long way off.

Every year psychologists offer advice on beating the January Blues and making realistic goals for the New Year.  So if you are feeling slightly ‘blue’ and lacking motivation today, here are 10 more ways to embrace January and obtain what you want in 2018:

  1. If you haven’t already listed your key achievements, then write them down and re-visit them whenever you feel demotivated. Identify any objectives you wanted to achieve last year and didn’t, then transfer those items on to your goals/resolutions/Bucket list for 2018.
  1. Ask yourself: What got in the way of realizing your goals/dreams last year? How can you overcome these obstacles/challenges/time-wasters this year?  You may find that these need to be put on a separate ‘STOP DOING’ list.
  1. Then ask yourself:  What are the key priorities in your life? What are the most important things/activities/people?  Write them down and list your associated SMART goals alongside. You can do this for both your work and personal life.
  1. To ensure you have a definitive list of SMART goals/resolutions for 2018, decide what position you want to be in by next Christmas/New Year, for example: happier/slimmer/fitter/in a new job/new house/having a work-life balance.  Then plan and diarise specific steps as to how you will get to where you want to be.  Working backwards can help.
  1. If you think you don’t have enough time to accomplish some of your goals, then focus on the top 3 – 5 and remember that you will always find time to do what you really want to do and enjoy doing. You can also limit your time on social media/watching TV/playing video games to create more productive time!  These activities may also need to go on the ‘STOP DOING’ list.
  1. In order to fulfil your ambitions you will need to change your behaviours, so decide which ones you need to modify, for example, getting up half an hour earlier to fit in a gym session. Ask yourself what you can do differently every day and make yourself accountable by enlisting the help of a partner/buddy.
  1. Detox! If you can live off kale juice for a few days fine, but if you manage to detox your body, next try to declutter your desk/car/garage/wardrobe.  Having a physical clear out is very refreshing.
  1. Having a mental clear out is empowering. So also ‘detox’ the negative people in your life, who are always complaining and criticizing, wanting to drag you down with them so that they feel better about themselves drinking/eating too much/avoiding the gym; instead stay focused, banish the negative head chatter and start training for that 10k or download that meditation app.
  1. Subscribe to online life hacks or download motivational books to help keep you on track. Try doing something new every day.
  1. When the negative thoughts and self-doubt do come along, focus back on your achievements and what only  you can control, i.e. your breathing, behaviours, reactions, choices.  Ignore the ‘Naysayers’ and stick to your plans.  Break your bad habits and with little steps, quick wins and noticeable progress you will soon start to reap the benefits of your efforts.

If you do all these things and still feel demotivated, then enlist the help of a qualified Coach or Mentor to assist you in accomplishing what you’re aiming for.  And the good news is that Spring appears to be just round the corner…there are already daffodils outside the Natural Talent office in Wales!

Daffodils January 2018

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