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Executive Business Coaching and Mentoring

At Natural Talent Bristol and South Wales we provide challenging and motivational Executive Coaching and Mentoring to CEOs, C-suite executives and senior managers in global organizations across a wide range of industries, as well as public sector organizations and SMEs. Our highly experienced Executive Coaches and Mentors work in partnership with our global clients as a confidential trusted adviser to literally transform their lives and create a powerful, measurable impact on individual, team and business performance. Return on Investment is often in excess of 7,000%.  

Natural Talent’s Executive Coaching and Mentoring always leads to significant and lasting behavioral and attitudinal change as executives become more strategic in order to work ‘on’ the business rather than ‘in’ it. Objectives, activities, and teams become more aligned with the organization’s strategy in order to increase productivity and profits.  As a result of our Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programs our clients have seen productivity rise by 45% – 80%, Sales increase by 53%, employee turnover reduce by 51%, and 100% of senior managers promoted.

Our Executive Coaching and Mentoring is very effective in assisting leaders and managers to step up, as well as resolving the most common Leadership and Management issues, such as communicating, negotiating and influencing more effectively, conflict management, inadequate delegation and empowerment, inefficient planning and organizing, high/low assertiveness levels, tough decision making, leading and managing change, non-alignment of workforce with organizational objectives, stress and lifestyle management, senior team effectiveness, poor working relationships, performance management, ineffective selection methods, and Talent Management and Succession Planning.

Natural Talent’s Executive Coaching and Mentoring is so effective as it is underpinned by proven Leadership and Management Competencies and we utilize the latest Talent Assessment tools, including online and Face to Face 360 Feedback and Personality Profiles, to identify key development areas and assist global executives in gaining real insight in to their behaviors, leadership styles and team dynamics.  In-between Coaching Sessions clients practice highly effective tools and techniques whilst working on real-life business scenarios thus saving time and money and creating real, tangible outputs.

Please email us or call us on +44 (0) 844 496 8196 for an initial discussion, or to book an Executive Coaching or Mentoring SessionLeadership Development or Management Training Program, a 360 Feedback Review or Assessment/Development Centre Design and Delivery

‘There are many people who profess to be Coaches.  And then there’s Jill Maidment of Natural Talent, who is a properly trained and qualified, very experienced professional Executive Business Coach and Mentor of real calibre.  I achieved more in one hour working with Jill than in around 20 hours with a previous so-called Coach!  Jill is a shrewd problem solver and strategic thinker, who fully understands and addresses the key challenges of modern day leadership.’  CFO, Technology

“Jill Maidment is an excellent executive coach and mentor, who worked in our company on a number of coaching assignments. She is very effective in identifying the key areas of development and in providing practical support through a change process. I can see today the enduring improvement in our managers who worked with Jill.”    Managing Director, Engineering, Dublin


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