Enjoy Autumn

Enjoy Autumn!

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No, it’s not a Japenese garden in the mist, it’s one of the views from the Natural Talent office in Wales this morning.

A lot of people are already moaning that it’s cold, the nights are drawing in, Winter is almost here.  But they are failing to see the positives about the changing season: the beautiful Autumnal colours, the frosty mornings, the chance to sit in front of an open fire.  As John Keats wrote it is the ‘season of mists and mellow fruitfulness’ and there is plenty to enjoy.

Remember that our attitudes determine our thoughts, which in turn determine our behaviours, which then have an impact on other peoples attitudes and behaviours.  So, if you’ve started Monday morning complaining about the fog/traffic/cold weather/your overflowing Inbox, chances are that you’ve already had a negative impact on some of those around you.

However, if you are embracing the new season, the new week, and the new day, you may notice that your team members or colleagues appear to be more motivated and positive than usual.  If you lead or manage a team your actions and moods will have an impact on team morale, effectiveness and company culture.

Only you are responsible for your attitude, thoughts and behaviour, so if you are not happy with any of them and the consequences, decide how you can change by examining some of the areas we work on in Coaching Sessions:

  • identify any limiting beliefs, such as ‘I’m not strategic enough to get that promotion’
  • identify any unhelpful patterns, such as always watching a late night film, then not getting enough sleep, resulting in increased irritability
  • identify any ingrained old habits, such as always leaving late for work and arriving stressed, then feeling you’re playing catch up all day
  • once you’ve made a change, identify how not to revert to type under pressure

Start by committing to change one thing which will positively impact your working life and enlist the support of a peer/colleague/Coach to ensure you stay on track.  And if you were moaning about scraping ice off your windscreen this morning, buy a windscreen cover and some gloves and start to really enjoy the frosty mornings!

Natural Talent Office_November 2017 (2)


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