Effective Presentation Skills

Effective Presentation Skills

Who hasn’t sat through a boring presentation, wishing the speaker would get to the point before you experience ‘death by Powerpoint’?  Here are 5 common traps not to fall in to when presenting:

  1. The audience doesn’t know what the presentation was supposed to achieve
  2. They don’t see the benefits or what’s in it for them
  3. There is no sequence of ideas so the audience is left confused
  4. There are too many facts and/or figures so this ‘data dump’ causes boredom
  5. The presentation is too long so the audience gets restless and stops listening

How can you avoid these cardinal sins of presenting?

Here are 10 useful tips to producing effective presentations:

  1. Plan and prepare thoroughly, practice and keep practicing until your delivery sounds casual yet professional
  2. Find out about your audience, research the setting and what equipment will be available
  3. Have a distinct beginning, middle and end
  4. Decide how to get the audience from Point A to Point B and be clear on the ‘hook’ and call to action
  5. Talk about Benefits of your product or service or subject, rather than Features
  6. Pre-empt questions and how and when you will answer them
  7. Have open positive body language
  8. Articulate more than you do normally, project your voice and speak slightly slower than in normal conversation
  9. Establish eye contact from the outset and vary your gaze during the presentation to engage your audience
  10. Ensure your slides are clear and use the reveal technique so the audience doesn’t read ahead and switch off

When designing our Presentations Skills Programmes at Natural Talent we often find that the main issue around presenting tends to be nerves, so we spend a few hours on identifying and stamping out any negative head chatter, building confidence and assertiveness and enabling all participants to creatively visualise success.



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