Consultative Sales Skills Development Day

Natural Talent’s Consultative Sales Skills Development Day 

Who should attend?

  •  Anyone working in a Sales role who has not had any formal Sales/Negotiation Training
  • Team Leaders and Managers who need to hone their Negotiation and Influencing Skills to create improved deals and better working relationships with key stakeholders and/customers

At the end of the Consultative Sales Skills Development Day participants will have:

  • Identified different approaches to use with various key stakeholders and/customers
  • Understood more about their own personality and their persuasion style
  • Practised developing rapport and effective relationships
  • Practised Active Listening and Open Questioning in order to consultatively sell
  • Used the most successful Consultative Sales Model to sell a product/service/solution
  • Presented a Business case to the group which has to gain their buy in
  • Scored themselves against the relevant Competencies
  • Identified their key Development Areas and improved them
  • Developed a SMART Action Plan for future development

The day involves highly interactive, practical Coaching Training sessions to include:

Competency Descriptors – What is Consultative Selling?

Discussion, Agreement and Scoring against the relevant Competencies, skills and behaviours

Understanding Strength Deployment

Individual Personality Questionnaire recognising different styles and traits to identify your persuasion style


Creating the right positive attitude and atmosphere for Consultative Selling

Who are you selling to?  Who are your key Stakeholders/Clients?

Call Planning and Forecasting

How to plan your calls, your time and predict revenue

Effective Communication

The importance of verbal and non-verbal communication in getting the Sale

Active Listening exercise

Sales Calls

Building rapport and effective relationships

Questioning Models and the new USPs and UVPs

How to identify what the client really needs/wants

The most successful international Consultative Sales Negotiation Model

Exercises in pairs to practise the Model

Handling Objections and Conflict

How to utilise questions in order to overcome objections

Sales Meeting Management

Techniques for effective Sales meetings

Account Management

How to achieve success with each client

Persuading others of your Business Case

An exercise to allow participants to develop and present a business case to sell their products/services/solutions and obtain buy-in from the group

Review of Individual Objectives and Personal Development Plans with SMART Action Planning

Participants agree on their future Development Areas and identify support; Feedback

What our Clients say:

‘Our Sales guys have already signed 3 large contracts after attending your training day; they are approaching their work in a much more structured and professional way.’ Learning and Development Director, Construction

The courses were highly personalised, intuitive and effective with excellent feedback from all employees at varying levels of employment within the organisation.’ Insurance Manager

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