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Natural Talent’s Executive Coaching and Mentoring Sessions

Our extensive experience of working with global corporate clients has shown that there is a need to deliver highly flexible, dynamic, stimulating Executive Coaching and Mentoring sessions. We normally recommend Coaching clients attend between 6 and 8 sessions with a follow up session 3 months after the last session to monitor progress and ensure continuing behavioral and attitudinal change.

The first session should ensure there is the right match between the Executive Coach and the Coaching client. It should last about 2 hours in order to identify the Coaching client’s key issues, objectives, challenges, concerns, achievements, KPIs, key motivators and development areas.

Subsequent sessions should last ideally a minimum of 2 hours in order to affect real behavioral change and significantly improve personal effectiveness. SMART objectives are set, developed, and progress reviewed at each session. Initially the Executive Coach assists the Coaching client in identifying what drives his/her behavior. The Coaching client must then accept that their behavior requires change and the Executive Coach may ask ‘Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How are you going to get there?’

Current behavior is often marked out of 10 and Coaching clients are asked what does 10/10 look like and what SMART Coaching Action Plan will get them there. The Coaching sessions are challenging to encourage the Coaching client towards positive action.

They include educational elements, introducing principles that address behavior change and proven, practical tools and techniques that will greatly enhance business performance. Between sessions the Coaching client will be asked to apply the principles, tools and techniques to real life business scenarios and be prepared to discuss what works best at the next Coaching session.

During Executive Coaching and Mentoring leaders are able to overcome blind spots, move to the next level of responsibility, execute strategy, enhance team effectiveness and develop their direct reports.

I found Jill’s listening and engagement very helpful. If you want a coach that’s engaging and full of mind opening thoughts Jill Maidment is perfect.’  Chief Information Officer, Finance

‘After the 360 Feedback I understood that I needed to adapt my approach – drastically.  With your assistance and guidance, coupled with those two key pages of my personality profile, I’ve recognized what exactly I need to change and the Coaching tools are proving highly valuable in the process.’ Manager, Engineering

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