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Jill Maidment provides highly effective Executive Coaching and Face to Face 360 Feedback to CEOs and their senior management teams across most industry sectors in Europe, Scandinavia and the US, resulting in positive measureable business results and excellent ROI of up to 7,000%. 

She works in partnership with HR, CEOs and their senior teams in order to develop key Leadership and Management Competencies, strategic growth strategies, and to assess, recruit and develop key talent.  Jill is renowned for designing and delivering highly effective behavioural Leadership Development and Management Training to improve employee engagement levels by up to 60%, reduce attrition rates by over 50%, and significantly increase overall team and business performance.

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Executive Coaching and Face to Face 360 Feedback

Delivering Executive Coaching and Face-to-Face 360 Feedback at a global Engineering Group in order to align the senior management team with the new strategy, improve leadership capability, significantly grow the business, develop and retain key managers and improve overall performance.

Business Issue

Jill Maidment of Natural Talent has worked with Odenberg Engineering since 2009, initially delivering Face to Face 360 Feedback and Executive Coaching to the CEO in order to align the senior management team with the new strategy as part of the Leadership and Strategy for Growth Program with Stanford Graduate School of Business. Subsequently she was asked to provide Face to Face 360 Feedback and Executive Coaching for senior managers in Odenberg Engineering offices in Dublin, France, Holland and California in order to improve leadership capability and develop and retain high potentials. The Coaching Programs resulted in an overall improvement in behaviors, leadership and management competencies, efficiency and performance.

Key issues to be addressed included Team Management and Effectiveness, Alignment Architecture, Leadership Judgement, Performance Management and Objective Setting, Delegation and Empowerment, Feedback Skills, Leading and Managing through Change, Work‑time Allocation, Lifestyle Management and attracting and retaining the best Talent.

Coaching was also provided to some senior members of the global Sales team in order to become aligned with the new strategy and culture to significantly increase Sales performance.


A Face to Face 360 Process and self‑assessment exercises identified the key strengths and development areas. The senior managers initially scored the prioritised Leadership and Management Competencies out of 10.

With the Natural Talent Executive Coach they developed a SMART Coaching Action Plan to reach 10/10. Objectives were aligned with the business strategy in order to increase work ‘on’ the business rather than ‘in’ it.

During the Executive Coaching sessions key behaviors were rehearsed and practised. In‑between the Coaching sessions, the managers were given Coaching Assignments to practise new tools and techniques on real‑life business scenarios and continue to gain Feedback from their key Stakeholders as well as their Executive Coach.


At the end of the Executive Coaching Programs a mini 360 survey was completed and feedback obtained from the CEO and Line Managers to measure improvement.

As a result of the Executive Coaching the leaders were able to overcome blind spots, move to the next level of responsibility, execute strategy, enhance team effectiveness and develop their direct reports.

Overall there was increased alignment with the strategy, higher levels of retention and promotion, improved productivity and effectiveness and higher Sales and business performance, all providing excellent return on investment.

‘Jill Maidment is an excellent executive coach who has worked in our company on a number of coaching assignments. She is very effective in identifying the key areas of development and in providing practical support through a change process. I can see today the enduring improvement in our managers who worked with Jill.’ CEO, Odenberg

‘Jill has developed a deep understanding of our culture and our business. Through her Coaching of many members of the Executive Team Jill has helped to significantly improve our business performance.’ Technical Director, Odenberg

‘Jill provides excellent tools and training to deal with the business issue of the day. She combines her obvious expertise with personable skills to deliver a polished yet personal training set customized to the specific needs of her student. Thank you for making a difference in my business life. It worked!’ VP Sales, Odenberg

As a result of the success of her ongoing work at Odenberg, Jill Maidment was then asked to assist Tomra Systems ASA who took over the organization in 2011. She provided a Leadership Development Process for their CEO and senior Leadership Team in Norway, Sweden, Holland, Germany and the US. This intervention formed part of their Talent Management and Succession Planning initiatives.

‘High level of professionalism during the process, perfect organizational set up, very trusted relationship to the coach; I look forward to working on some of the areas of improvement together in the future – 9/10.’ Senior VP Technology, Germany

‘10/10: I was very happy with the process. The Consultant was fast, listened well, and she helped you articulate your thoughts without putting her own words in your mouth. She quickly identified patterns and connected the dots.’ Senior VP, Technology, Norway

‘The overall impression was that the Leadership Development Feedback process was over‑delivering against my objectives (10/10).’ Senior VP, Technology

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360 Feedback and Executive Coaching with CEOs in Ireland

Delivering Executive Coaching and Face to Face 360 Feedback to 5 CEOs in Ireland to improve their Leadership skills and create significant business growth. Working with Stanford Graduate School of Business, Enterprise Ireland and CLG.

In 2009 Jill Maidment was chosen to work as an Executive Coach with CLG, a US based world leading performance improvement consultancy, which was working in partnership with Stanford Graduate School of Business and Enterprise Ireland to deliver a program to develop significant growth within entrepreneurial organizations in Southern Ireland. Jill worked in partnership with 5 CEOs in Financial Services, Manufacturing, Medical and Technology organizations to obtain and deliver 360 Feedback from their senior management teams and to develop a supporting Executive Coaching Program to each of the CEOs.

During the project Jill attended seminars at Stanford Graduate School of Business in Leadership and Strategy for Growth, meeting many of the top CEOs in Silicon Valley. Her knowledge of Executive Coaching, Leadership and Management Development and Advanced Behavioral Science were enhanced by attending seminars held by CLG. The 360 Feedback Process and Executive Coaching were well received by the CEOs:

‘Jill listens and provided Coaching along the way without it feeling like Coaching. She was very good at helping my team open up to her and get them to share helpful feedback.’

‘It was very helpful when Jill challenged me on some of the behaviors that I was exhibiting.’

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snc-lavalin360 Feedback and Leadership Talent Review at SNC Lavalin

As a result of the success of the Executive Coaching Program with the CEOs in Ireland, Jill Maidment of Natural Talent was asked to obtain and provide 360 Feedback in French to the European CEO of the Canadian engineering and construction group, SNC Lavalin. She also assisted the CEO and HR Director in the global Leadership Talent Review as part of their Succession Planning initiatives.

During the project Jill was trained in Leadership Talent Reviews by Helen Handfield-Jones (Co-author of  ‘The War for Talent’).

“During these projects Jill always demonstrated a high degree of professionalism, integrity and conscientiousness. She was adaptable, willing to travel extensively to visit clients, and was able to gain the trust of the senior managers in order to elicit reliable feedback. Her friendly informal approach was popular with her clients and her ability to work with different cultures was commended.” Brian Cole, Principal, CLG.


Executive and Performance Management Coaching

Providing Coaching to senior managers and a number of their team members across most functions at an IT infrastructure services company in order to improve their management and leadership competencies and ensure improved productivity, teamwork, employee engagement and morale.

Business Issue

Since 2005 Natural Talent’s Executive Coaches and Principal Leadership and Management Development Consultants have been providing Coaching Training to successfully imbed the Leadership and Management Competency Framework and AXA values. As Natural Talent understood the complex business, cultural and organizational issues, we were chosen to provide additional Coaching support to a number of senior managers in order for them to increase their Management and Leadership Competency levels. For example, for some of the Coaching clients it was necessary for them to become more assertive to deal with the Executive Team, for others they needed to manage their assertiveness levels in order to negotiate, lead more effectively and create a better team environment. In addition some individuals required assistance to improve their Planning and Organising skills and to create more of a work-life balance.


In order to assess their key strengths, development areas and issues some of the managers were assessed using an SHL online 360 tool, or a bespoke AXA questionnaire. The process was repeated at the end of the Coaching to highlight the significant improvements in Competency levels, behavior, performance and teamwork. Some of the Managers completed the SHL OPQ32 Personality Questionnaire and/or Strength Deployment Indicator to identify their personal strengths, overdone strengths, how they influence, lead and manage others and adapt to change.

At the initial Coaching Meeting the clients agreed the key issues to be addressed, motivators, limiting beliefs and potential obstacles to success. The AXA Leadership and Management Competencies were scored out of 10 and a SMART Coaching Action Plan was agreed with the Natural Talent Executive Coach in order for scores to reach 10/10 at the end of the sessions.

On average the managers and team members met with the Executive Coach for 6 – 8 Coaching sessions lasting 2 hours. In between sessions they worked through relevant Natural Talent Workbooks and practised tools and techniques to improve their skills and levels of competence, for example in Delegation and Empowerment, Team Effectiveness, Communication Skills, Time Management, Organizational and Strategic Awareness.

Additionally some of the clients worked on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques to address automatic negative thoughts in order to stamp out negative head chatter and adopt a more positive attitude. Coaching clients were also encouraged to obtain constant feedback from their managers and/or a work ‘buddy’ in order for them to imbed their improved behaviors and prevent them from ‘returning to type’ under pressure.


A large number of the Coaching clients were promoted soon after the Coaching. Feedback from a repeat online 360 Feedback process was also found to be more positive and line managers reported significant behavioral change, improved productivity and effectiveness. Key personnel were retained and some individuals moved in to more suitable roles. All the results ensured high return on investment.

‘Thank you: as a result of the Coaching sessions I am now much more confident, calm and organised. I am happy to say my promotion came through today and I am now Head of Department.’ Senior Manager, AXA Technology Services

‘Jill Maidment has acted for me and a member of my team in a personal coaching capacity and delivered training courses to groups within my organization. She has provided an excellent service which has produced significant results for all those involved.’ Head of Department, AXA Technology Services

‘You are an excellent Career Coach and have provided me with several new ways of dealing with challenges at work as well as the tools needed to put these in to practise. I gained more confidence in my ability to resolve conflicts, improve my time management skills and balance my work and home life.’ Risk Manager, AXA Technology Services

‘Jill is an excellent Business and Individual Coach with an exceptional ability to combine commercial expertise with techniques to improve interpersonal and organizational skills. Highly approachable and adaptable, Jill has taught me ways to improve my approach and behaviors, both in the workplace and in my personal life which has helped me enormously. Jill has a wealth of experience in different sectors and builds on this to help in a variety of situations.’ Senior Project Manager, AXA Technology Services

‘Many thanks for your valuable time. I found the Coaching session particularly useful to give me some perspective and break out of the day-job’. Analyst, IT Design, AXA Technology Services

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Executive Assessment for Selection and Succession Planning

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Jill Maidment of Natural Talent has been involved in Executive Search and Selection in the UK, Europe and the US for clients such as AXA Technology, Abbey Capital and Odenberg Engineering.  She has designed and run Assessment Centres and assisted in the national recruitment of Customer Service Representatives for Virgin Mobile.  In addition Jill provides outplacement services and Career Coaching and has worked with individuals looking to change careers across a wide range of sectors, from Media, Beauty and Travel to Education and from Print, Technology and the Armed Services to Finance and Leisure.

‘My last company was in strong growth needing to recruit a large number of consultants for booming client work but we were losing sales through not finding enough of them, nor of the right calibre. Jill designed and managed a recruitment and selection campaign which was instrumental in delivering weekly shortlists many of whom we recruited until our quota was attained.’ MD, Consultancy

‘Jill is very experienced, creative and aware of the ‘Talent’ space and was a great support  in managing Talent development and succession. Jill is collaborative and can operate at different levels and I would definitely recommend her.’ VP Sales, IT

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