Benefits of 360 Feedback

Benefits of 360° Feedback

Traditionally Feedback is given to us by the person to whom we report. However, 360 Feedback is given directly from several sources and can therefore be compared to see whether it is truly representative. Information tends to be broader and more detailed. Because anonymity is preserved for direct report and peer/customer Feedback, it tends to be more honest. This is therefore extremely helpful in facilitating Leadership Development and Management Development, as individuals become much more aware of strengths and development areas that they didn’t know they had.

The result is that the collated views can be analyzed at an overall, as well as relationship level. This presents a powerful aggregate 360 Feedback Report to help identify where development activity ought to focus and where key strengths might be better leveraged.

Acceptance of results and actions agreed is higher, as Feedback is often perceived as more valid and objective than a more traditional performance review. Talent Management and Succession Planning become more accurate and 360 Feedback develops into a real business asset.

Studies have shown that the results of a 360 Feedback Process can be a strong motivator for both individuals and organizations alike, encouraging a more open, trust based culture, where receiving constructive and respectful feedback is the norm.

Confidentiality and Anonymity

To maintain confidentiality, a qualified Natural Talent Assessor who is also a qualified Executive Coach collates and analyzes all responses. The Natural Talent Executive Coach presents a summary of the responses, from the perspective of each relationship category. The 360 Feedback Sessions should last up to 2 hours per individual in order to address any potentially sensitive issues, and for SMART Coaching Action Plans to be agreed on to improve key development areas during Executive Coaching, Leadership Development or Management Development.

‘I wouldn’t have accepted some of the more challenging thoughts of my leadership team from them directly.  However, your delivery of the 360 report was very professional and non-judgmental.  After my initial reluctance, I am now actually looking forward to our Executive Coaching Sessions!’  CFO, global CPG

‘9/10:  Obviously a very experienced Consultant with a high degree of integrity.’   Senior VP, Technology, Norway

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