Approach to Executive Coaching

Natural Talent’s Approach to Executive and Performance Coaching

At Natural Talent Bristol and South Wales we adopt a holistic and consultative approach to Executive and Performance Coaching.  In order to be able to provide targeted Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programs, which are directly relevant to our client’s business objectives, principles and values, the following areas may be identified, evaluated and understood in advance: the organization’s strategy, vision, values, processes, procedures and culture; and the individual’s obstacles to achieving full potential, behavior patterns, motivators and commitment levels.

Our Executive Coaches and Mentors may also recommend a Personality Profile, a 360 Feedback Review to identify any key issues, and an inventory of Leadership and Management Competencies. Our Coaches are also able to work with client’s existing assessment tools and performance reviews. When more is understood about our Coaching clients’ behavior and key objectives we develop bespoke Executive Coaching Programs to improve their impact as a Leader or Manager.


Performance Coaching

Coaching is proven to improve employee engagement and aid retention and can work at all levels within an organization.  It helps individuals identify their unique strengths and key opportunities for development and link them to their personal and career aspirations.  Working with a Coach can encourage individuals to establish long-term development goals and help them create a SMART Coaching Action Plan for attaining them.

True productivity is achieved in an organization when every individual is working for the good of the company, and when they understand and truly share the aims and objectives of the company. Through Coaching interventions interpersonal disputes can be resolved, levels of personal responsibility can be enhanced, and as a result recruitment and retention costs can be cut significantly, leading to increased profits.

At Natural Talent our Coaching focuses on immediate work-related tasks as well as personal development and therefore leads to improved business results.  Individual Performance Coaching helps build commitment as the Coaching clients feel that the company is investing time and money in them and consequently they tend to improve discretionary effort and performance, which all impact positively on the bottom line.

Coaching works exceptionally well with high potentials or when the individual has identified development needs and blind spots and is keen to improve performance, learn new skills and subsequently has the possibility to attain a promotion.  In order to ensure that the Coaching client does not ‘revert to type’ under pressure and return to old behaviors from before the Coaching, individuals are encouraged to obtain ongoing constructive feedback from a work ‘buddy’, as well as enlisting the support of their Line Manager to keep monitoring the actions from the SMART Coaching Action Plan.

ROI from Coaching interventions tends to be very high, compared to the significant financial loss associated with high attrition rates, the costs of recruitment, on-boarding and training, added to the decrease in productivity whilst new hires get up to speed.

‘The Coaching was absolutely brilliant!  After just 4 sessions I had made a real effort to change my behaviour.  The techniques and models I’ve practiced have made me much more effective at work as well as helping my home life run more smoothly.  You have literally transformed me and my life. Thank you.’  Head of Design, Agency

‘Excellent investment.  Our Sales Director is much more focused and effective; as a result the Sales team is back to hitting and exceeding targets again.  Thank you.’  CEO, Manufacturing

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