An Inspiring and Rewarding 2015 at Natural Talent

An inspiring and rewarding 2015 at Natural Talent

Reviewing the year, the words that best describe 2015 at Natural Talent are ‘inspiring’ and ‘rewarding.’  As the workplace becomes more challenging and diverse, we have been pleased to be able to assist more C-suite executives and their senior management teams in high-growth disruptive organizations than in any previous years.  Whilst business issues presented to us have become more complex, seeing major transformation in many clients as they made significant and lasting changes to their behaviours, in order to improve their lives in and outside work, has been very rewarding.  In turn, their commitment and dedication to performance improvement has been very inspiring, with some of the most powerful outcomes originating from many individual clients making simple but life-transforming changes to behaviours and habits, such as giving up caffeine and taking up strict exercise regimes to better manage stress and conflict.

As a result of our Executive Coaching and Leadership Development Programmes we have helped our clients address recurring leadership challenges including the design, execution and alignment of strategy, planning and conducting the difficult conversations, making the tough calls, leading and managing change, and ensuring they obtain and retain the right hires.  As they have challenged us with key issues to resolve, we have in turn continued to invest in our own development and been keen to innovate and learn from our clients experiences and feedback.

Using 360 Feedback Reviews, Personality Profiles and the Team Needs Questionnaire to assess and develop senior teams, we have helped them to better understand each other’s personalities in order to overcome interpersonal differences, maximize strengths, and use different approaches to improve working relationships with other team members and key stakeholders.  Facilitating senior team away days and witnessing ‘light bulb’ moments from some executives, who have understood it’s time to change and overcome their blind spots, has been equally inspiring and rewarding.

Other personal development trends we have dealt with this year have been the need to swiftly upskill recently promoted senior managers in order to be able to operate as Heads or Directors of a variety of functions, including HR, IT, Sales, Marketing, Finance and Operations.  And increasingly leaders and managers have been looking for innovative ways to maximize their time in order to better manage high workloads, complex projects and diverse teams.  By improving competencies such as delegation and empowerment they have been able to free up time in order to stop fire-fighting, become more strategic and work ‘on’ the business, rather than ‘in’ it.  Providing tools and techniques to cope with change, pressure and stress, and to build resilience, have all been increasingly in demand.

Of course 2015 was also inspiring due to the exciting Rugby World Cup.  Attending so many matches and associated charity events organized by Tight5events, we could not help but be inspired by the levels of commitment and focus of some of the key Rugby players, teams and elite Coaches, all wanting to be the best at what they do and to reach their peak potential and performance. Witnessing their self-belief and motivation, as well as the resilience of key injured players, also reinforced the obvious transferability of skills from Rugby in to business and further encouraged us to continually review and innovate our Executive CoachingLeadership and Management Development Programmes.

So as we head in to the New Year, thank you to all our supporters and followers;  we will continue to share our tools and techniques with you next year and as always welcome your feedback.

Wishing you a healthy, happy, inspiring and rewarding 2016 from the team at Natural Talent.




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