A CEO’s View of Executive Coaching and Mentoring

A CEO’s View of Executive Coaching and Mentoring

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It’s sometimes difficult for Executive Coaches to convey what Executive Coaching and Mentoring actually involve.  Here are the views of a CEO client on one of our bespoke Executive Coaching and Mentoring Programmes:

At the outset I have to admit to being somewhat sceptical about the Executive Coaching for myself and the SLT.  But I was won over.  Here is my take on the Programme and outputs:

  • At first our brief appeared to be too broad with some high expectations, but with full engagement of the team you over-delivered in some key areas 
  • Early on there was a realisation that everyone has something to learn or improve on, no matter what their age or experience .  I frequently hear one of your mantras being quoted – Embrace the Change; we’re now ready to lead transformation with change champions on board
  • What won me over especially was your directness as well as your empathy and vast experience: you simply got our challenges and unusual culture so when a particular problem was introduced you had some pearls of wisdom to impart in conjunction with a tried and tested approach utilised successfully elsewhere; thus we gained clarity very swiftly on some key issues 
  • As you said – none of the Coaching materials and insights are rocket science, but they are applied common sense; highly practical and flexible they address many diverse problems and scenarios 
  • At first I too was resistant to the homework, masked as Coaching Assignments, believing they would just add to my already heavy workload.  However, I really appreciate the value of being held accountable for taking time out for self-reflection and having to demonstrate my input and commitment – that was motivating 
  • I will confess that I thought I wouldn’t have much to learn and certainly didn’t believe I needed to modify any particular behaviours – I was wrong: diarising time out for ‘creative strategic thinking time’ has been an eye-opener. Questioning the status quo, my own habits and actions as well as reviewing some of our processes has been invaluable 
  • Personally I had no idea of the negative impact some of my behaviours and actions were having on my direct reports.  I can see that I lacked a degree of self-awareness and am certainly now more au fait with Emotional Intelligence;  I definitely listen more! 
  • As a result of the Coaching meetings and using some of your templates and models, we have finalised the new strategy and mission. We will continue to draw on your support in order to monitor the implementation of the new plans and ensure alignment of people and tasks 
  • Having re-evaluated my routines and engaged my PA more in the process, I am more productive and efficient; I’ve stopped holding 3 hour meetings and followed the models and examples you provided. On every level the SLT is working SMARTer! 
  • As a team we are definitely emerging from fire-fighting mode and becoming much less operational and more strategic; effective delegating is one of the high value outputs and will ensure the ROI 
  • Similarly, as well as being less reactive, as a team we are collaborating more and breaking down silos to good effect – with some room still for improvement 
  • In our first Coaching Session you mentioned that working on a particular Leadership Competency would have a positive impact on another. We can see this in our individual and team problem solving and decision making where we’ve advanced considerably, resulting in more professionalism and less emotive decisions 
  • So far our team discussions are less confrontational and more constructive; everyone appears not to be regressing to bad habits even under duress 
  • One of the other most noticeable changes is that the team is no longer afraid of managing poor performance or having the challenging conversations with their reports. Consequently teams appear more engaged and focused
  • Our offsite was also well-facilitated with a combination of hard work, challenge and appropriate humour; the fact that the whole team trusts you to maintain confidentiality and deliver impactful feedback are major benefits; they admit they feel under pressure to deliver but in a more positive way so stress levels are lower

In summary, I now see why you promised that the Coaching interventions would have a positive impact on a variety of different areas, including morale, overall performance and culture.  And in the spirit of delivering more regular feedback when due: Thank You Jill!’

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