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Natural Talent’s 360 Feedback Review

At Natural Talent Bristol and South Wales our high value, bespoke Face to Face 360 Feedback process is one of the most robust and effective 360 Feedback Reviews in the world and produces very powerful results. Our highly experienced Executive Coaches also utilize online multiple choice questionnaires. Our approach to evaluating senior managers’ performance in their current role and their potential to grow into a higher role, such as a global CEO role, is very practical and challenging.  ROI is often in excess of 7,000%.

feedback-ImageThe 360 Feedback Report provides a highly useful platform for identifying key strengths and development areas to be worked on during Executive Coaching, Leadership Training or Management Training.

Our tailored 360 Feedback Process utilizes Leadership and Management Competency Models and Assessment and is based on both business results and global Leadership and Management Competencies.

Natural Talent’s Face to Face 360 Feedback Review provides a rigorous performance evaluation to give senior managers the candid, insightful feedback and development plans they deserve and ensures your organization has the leadership talent to over-achieve future business objectives.

Natural Talent’s Face to Face 360 Process goes much deeper than a traditional 360. During our 360 Feedback Process we really get to know your business, people, culture and key challenges in order to enable Leaders and Managers to execute strategy and improve performance.

Investing in the assessment and development of your Leaders and Managers will have a significant impact on employee engagement, organizational performance and culture.

‘I can’t thank you enough.  For many years I’ve been trying to join the executive suite.  Following the insightful 360 feedback report you challenged me to wake up to what I needed to change; and provided the Coaching techniques and support for me to implement the new behaviors and become more assertive.  I’ve just been appointed CTO!  I am now equipped with the tools not to go back to my old habits under duress!  CTO, Finance

‘The way you delivered some of the confronting feedback was exemplary and took great skill and experience.  Due to your disarming personality I was able to share some of my serious concerns with you. Now I’ve taken on board the 360 feedback and started implementing the action plan from our Coaching sessions the team and projects are back on track – excellent ROI!’  COO, Global FMCG Company

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