360 Feedback Sessions

360 Feedback Sessions

The results of the 360 Feedback Review are very powerful and must be delivered by a qualified Natural Talent Assessor who is also an Executive Coach for the following reasons:

  • Open and honest Feedback can sometimes create a sensitive reaction, which needs to be dealt with by a professional, objective Natural Talent Executive Coach
  • 360 Feedback is a very powerful tool that engages people at a personal level. This power must be channelled to avoid misinterpretation or recrimination
  • The Feedback results need to be delivered in a focused way to make a clear link with the key business issues and objectives, as well as the individual’s KPIs, in order to improve performance
  • The overall impact of the process is significantly reduced, if the correct balance of challenge, Coaching, and support is not available
  • The Natural Talent trained Assessor and Executive Coach is able to provide full and frank discussions around the results
  • The Natural Talent trained Assessor and Executive Coach is qualified to identify key strengths, key development areas, key trends, key observations, and to identify appropriate probing questions to find out the root causes of issues
  • The Natural Talent qualified Executive Coach is able to get the individual to suggest solutions to any issues
  • The Natural Talent Executive Coach can ensure the Feedback sessions are followed up with an agreed SMART Coaching Action Plan which may be used in any Executive Coaching and Mentoring, Leadership Development or Management Development.

‘The way you delivered some of the confronting feedback was exemplary and took great skill and experience.  Due to your disarming personality I was able to share some of my serious concerns with you. Now I’ve taken on board the 360 feedback and started implementing the Coaching actions the team and projects are back on track – excellent ROI!’  COO, Europe

“Because Jill Maidment is very open she gets more out of a person than the “average”. She has the ability to make a very constructive and easy to read 360 Feedback output after hours of discussion. Also her recommendations after the process have been very useful and are still a great help for me.”      Senior VP, the Netherlands

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