360 Feedback builds a more trust based Culture

Many organizations who have engaged in a 360 Feedback Review report a much more open and trust based culture.  However, in order to obtain the best results and highest ROI, the 360 Feedback process needs to be communicated and implemented in a highly confidential and professional manner, with feedback presented face to face by a qualified and trained Assessor and key development areas followed up with Executive Coaching.

Culture is one of those elusive elements which can make or break a company.  Research in the US states that only half of Joint Ventures succeed and only one in three mergers of large organizations are successful; this is often attributed to issues around the company culture.  At GE Jack Walsh is known for creating a positive culture by instilling:

  • Common values
  • Quality
  • Proactive performance management
  • Enhanced communication
  • Collaboration

Culture is the mix of many factors such as observed behaviors, norms and rites that involve working groups, ways of working, organizational and power structures, control systems, values and beliefs, managerial philosophy, and attitudes of senior management.  Or put more simply, although it is intangible, a company’s culture may be ‘sensed’ by observing behaviors and joining in conversations around most office water coolers!

Culture defines an organization’s pattern of communications, how problems are solved, who participates in decision making, the language used, the physical environment, policies and procedures.  It is a valuable indicator of loyalty and commitment. Hofstede said: “Culture is the collective programming of the mind distinguishing the members of one group or category of people from others.”

Culture cannot be ignored, as per the saying attributed to both Henry Ford and Peter Drucker: ‘Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast!’  In other words, a company may have the best strategic plan in place, but if the employees and organizational culture resist any initiatives or changes the strategy will often fail.  A 360 Feedback Review can contribute greatly to changing a company culture for the better by identifying key issues around any interpersonal and team disputes or key development areas.

When followed by an Executive Coaching Program or Leadership and Management Team Development, a 360 Feedback Review can produce significant improvements to individual, team and business effectiveness, as well as excellent Return on Investment.

What have you found by utilizing such a process?

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