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Views from a Varied Week at Natural Talent

Views from another Varied Week at Natural Talent I am a big advocate of variety being the spice of life and when someone is struggling with a lack of creativity I often suggest changing their environment to increase motivational levels.  Taking time out to leave the office for even just an hour can be really […]

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What is the True Cost of a Toxic Leader?

What is the True Cost of a Toxic Leader? Most people have known toxic individuals, whether they’ve been so-called friends, or even guardians and siblings; these are the people who love to deride you, bully you, trying to gnaw away at your self-esteem in order to feel better about themselves.  Whilst we can detox these […]

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Feeling Motivated?

Feeling Motivated? Are you back at work today?  Are you lacking motivation? The so-called ‘January Blues’ tend to start on 2nd January and last until the beginning of February.  January can seem like a long month with people feeling low and sluggish after all the Christmas festivities, having over-indulged and over-spent; the days are short […]

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