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What does Strong and Stable Leadership look like?

What does ‘Strong and Stable Leadership’ look like? Unfortunately the UK Prime Minister, Theresa May, and the Tory party have had to learn some harsh lessons on leadership over the past few weeks;  the principles of these lessons can also be applied to business leaders: In order to be able to demonstrate ‘strong and stable’ […]

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Flexible Working

Flexible Working Employees, especially Millennials, crave flexible working, whether it be flexi-time, the ability to work remotely, or to take unpaid holidays.  Flexible working is proven to increase engagement. So, again practicing what we preach, we’ve moved today’s meeting outside the Natural Talent office in Wales, in order to be able to enjoy the sunshine, […]

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What is Resilience and how can you develop it?

What is Resilience and how can you develop it? Resilience is a competency which is increasingly requested as a module during Leadership or Management Development Programmes.  It is a complex set of skills and behaviours which are effected by beliefs and personality styles and which differ greatly from one person to another.  It is often […]

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How to achieve your Goals

How to achieve your Goals  Achieving your goals involves deciding to change your behaviour, however, changing behaviour involves changing your attitude and mindset first to  start to think differently; therefore to have more chance of success it is best to phrase your goals in a positive way and approach them with a view to learning […]

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