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Managing the Millennials

Managing the Millennials Many leaders and managers from the Baby Boomer Generation, or from Generation X, moan about Millennials in the workplace; the most common complaints tend to be that this generation of workers are always on their smart phones, that they like working ‘to rule’ – i.e. ‘normal’ office hours, that ‘as their right’ […]

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How to hold Career Development Conversations

How to hold Career Development Conversations One of the key trends in Learning and Development is the move away from annual appraisals to ‘Career Development Conversations’, as advocated by companies such as Accenture and Deloitte.  Instead of line managers completing performance review forms once a year, the move is towards conducting regular career development conversations […]

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Can Collaboration really work?

Can Collaboration really work? Collaboration is one of the latest buzz words in the work place and is viewed by some organizations as another of the keys to business success.  So what is it?  Collaboration appears to mean different things for different people: for some it means good old fashioned teamwork, for others it signifies […]

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