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How to Influence Company Culture

How to influence Company Culture Culture is the environment that surrounds you at work and is a powerful element that shapes your work area, relationships and processes.  In many ways it is like an identify or personality, made up of values, beliefs, underlying assumptions, attitudes and behaviours shared by a group of people working together […]

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The Importance of Emotional Intelligence

The Importance of Emotional Intelligence Leaders and managers who have high levels of Emotional Intelligence are widely regarded as being among the most successful, with most research stating that 90% of high performers demonstrate high Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is the ability to identify, understand, and manage our own moods and feelings and those of […]

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Effective Meeting Management

Effective Meeting Management Meetings have become the scourge of many companies with a meeting culture preventing many managers from being productive as well as adding to an increasing workload.  According to a survey by Management Today managers tend to spend between 35 – 50% of their working week in meetings.  Depending on the salaries of […]

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