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Talent Assessment creates significant ROI

Talent Assessment creates significant ROI In an effort to avoid more expensive mistakes in hiring, a Fortune 500 CEO recently analyzed the way he and his HR team judged talent: ‘Our judgement of others is often not as accurate as we think.  Why?  Because we make snap judgements and take mental short-cuts and it’s affected […]

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Improving Employee Engagement

Improving Employee Engagement A detailed analysis of over 5.5 million employees worldwide has identified the key factors affecting employee retention.  The study found that confidence in leadership, opportunity for career development, autonomy, a supportive work environment and appropriate compensation are key factors in employee engagement and commitment: ‘With retention a growing concern, organisations must guard […]

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‘Megatrends’ and their Impact on Leadership

‘Megatrends’ and their Impact on Leadership Getting the right people in to the right jobs and developing their soft skills is becoming more important in a changing work environment, according to a study by the Horst Futurist Institute in Germany.  It identified 6 ‘Megatrends’ which are shaping the way we work and which look set […]

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