10 Rules for Life

10 Rules for Life

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Recently I’ve been providing pro bono Career Coaching and Mentoring for some ex-professional sportsmen, who unfortunately have had to retire from their sport at a relatively early age.  Despite having to give up on their personal goals they are very accepting of the need to adapt and are positively embracing the opportunity to learn new skills.

It was refreshing and inspiring to see that they are applying the same dedication and enthusiasm to their search for new careers as they had demonstrated in their various sports and their energy was infectious.  Having followed strict routines for years in their training they are now maximising their self-discipline to explore a variety of career options.  However, similar to ex-servicemen, as well as working towards very specific targets and objectives, they were also keen to have a new list of guidelines and values to live by.  They are happy for me to share what they devised as their 10 new rules for life (removing some of the more ‘colourful’ language!):

Rule #1: Don’t ever care what other people say about you…focus on controlling only what you can control, i.e. your thoughts, your breath, your behaviour

Rule #2: Don’t ever regret anything…but always learn from your mistakes

Rule #3: Always have a strong backbone…always be confident you can do it

Rule #4: Smile and aim for happiness…at work and at play

Rule #5: Always look after your health…what you think, eat, drink and how much you exercise

Rule #6: Seize each day…but plan for the future

Rule #7: Aim to be the best you can be in everything…and be prepared to adapt

Rule #8: Mean it! If you say it or do it don’t be wishy washy or blame others…own your words and actions

Rule #9: Always show respect…then you may gain respect in return

Rule #10: Dare to dream…and follow your dreams with total, unwavering focus and attention to detail


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